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So, your other stargate groups don't want you flaming the actors, the characters, fics, each other? Well this is the group for you. FlameGate_SG1 is a group where you can bitch to your hearts content. The purpose of the group? To get it out of your system so that your behavior resembles something close to human on your other groups.
Everyone needs a place to vent, FlameGate_SG1 was created for just that. Feel free to drag arguments that mods/owners have closed here to continue to hash things out, vent, scream your frustration etc.








Disclaimer: We disclaim that we don't own them, but we should. We would take better care of them, not let them die, let them fool around and have lives. In other words, everyone would live happily ever after.

FLGT-001: Carter would be more covered (no tank tops),
there would be more Ferretti, Haley, Mini-Jack, Nyan,
Kannan and Narim. We would truly adhere to O'Neill's
belief of "No one left behind (or forgotten.)
FLGT-002: We would send out a S&R team for those lives
that have been lost (literally) but not forgotten by us:
Ferretti, Nyan, Loran, Tok'ra Charlie, Aris Boch, and we're
still seeking out confirmation on the whereabouts of Major Davis.